The Benefits of Psychological Testing

Psychological testing results can represent the integral missing piece of a complex and fascinating puzzle. Each client comes in with their own multi-faceted experiences, difficulties, strengths, worldview, and perspective. They want to improve their lives, and feel frustrated and confused by their internal struggles. Psychological testing can provide the missing piece of the puzzle as it gathers invaluable information in helping clients achieve their life worth living goals.

Comprehensive psychological testing gives a breadth of information in a fairly short duration of time regarding numerous facets of a person’s life, including their overall cognitive ability, personal behaviors, traits, and personality functioning. The data obtained through psych testing give both the client and the clinician insight into the client’s world through their unique perspective. 

Mental health, in general, is not a one-size-fits-all paradigm, and when treatment is tailored to each individual it usually results in a better outcome. The more that is known regarding an individual’s functioning in the assessment phase of therapy, (e.g., interpersonal, intrapersonal, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive)  the more we as a team can provide tailored and effective treatment for each unique individual. Data gathered through psychological testing can aid in identifying specific challenges, areas of need, clarifying diagnoses, and illuminates strengths to be incorporated, all of which can lead to more effective points of intervention and treatment planning, to help clients thrive even in the face of adversity. 

Psychological Testing provides:

  • Developmental abilities of clients
  • Increased accuracy of diagnoses
  • Rich information about current levels of functioning 
  • An understanding of the problematic behaviors
  • Highlights areas in need of additional support
  • Client strengths to be incorporated into treatment
  • More targeted goals for treatment planning 

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Written by Dr. Krystal Lopez, Psy.D