Reducing Burnout & Stress

               It’s been a difficult year for many. I have experienced my own stress and burnout, while also helping clients through their own. There have been challenges related to the pandemic, political stress, and burnout related to working from home and being around family. We haven’t been able to distract ourselves or avoid stress like we used to based on pandemic related circumstances. Usually, many could escape to meals with friends, go to the movies or travel, yet we are encouraged to remain at home and social distance to remain safe and healthy. We are exhausted and experiencing uncomfortable feelings…so, what can we do about it?

  • Connect! 
      • With your best friend, dog, spouse, or sibling. Talk with someone you trust. Text, FaceTime, schedule a coffee date or walk, or use the Marco Polo App!
  • Allow Time for Rest
      • Resting eliminates fatigue and it’s necessary for us to process the world. Make time for sleep and low-effort activities.
  • Let Go of Perfection & Practice Self-Compassion
      • It’s not effective to have impossibly high expectations and attempt to control every little thing. Instead realize that you are human, you are fallible and can only do so much! So be gentle, be kind and let go of harsh self-criticism.
  • Take Microsteps to Reduce Burnout
      • Avoid reaching for your phone first thing in the morning or “Unplug” from your devices a half-hour before you go to sleep, read an excerpt from an inspirational book, think of a few things you are grateful for, breathe intentionally for one minute, mindfully sip your coffee or tea, laugh, ask for a hug…the microstep possibilities are endless!
  • Refresh Your Morning & Evening Routine
    • Set a positive intention for the day, do some morning stretches before reaching for your phone, take a morning or evening walk, self-soothe with a candle or oil-diffuser, meditate for a few minutes, do some restorative yoga or a progressive muscle relaxation for a few minutes to wind-down.

Written by Nora Josephson LPC, RYT, RADT

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