Why Work with Us

There are some important considerations to make when choosing a DBT clinician. Would you want your dentist to operate on your brain if they had taken one class in neurology? Of course not! It is just as important for your DBT clinician to have adequate training in the DBT Model in order to properly carry out the treatment. Seeing a clinician without adequate DBT training runs many risks for the patient, including potential waste of time, money and effort.

Every clinician at DBT Center of Orange County has been foundationally or intensively trained in DBT from Dr. Marsha Linehan’s Behavioral Tech Institute and works with an expert Behavior Tech Consultant. We offer all four components of the comprehensive DBT Model.

The Four Components Are:

  • Individual DBT Psychotherapy
  • DBT Skills Training
  • Phone Coaching
  • DBT Consultation Team

Getting the best outcomes possible from DBT requires a comprehensively trained DBT clinician who provides services with strong fidelity to the DBT model.  Without this, patients may not improve at the same rate or to the same extent as those who receive comprehensive DBT.