Mindfulness and Resilience Training

Mindfulness and Resilience Training

DBT Center of Orange County is proud to be hosting a Mindfulness and Resilience Training developed by Psychiatrist, Dr. Monisha Vasa and Mindfulness Expert, Cayce Howe. This training will help you in learning, building and deepening a mindfulness practice.

Instead of looking outside of ourselves for sustainable happiness, we are going to practice how to turn inward. Instead of trying to create the perfect career, the perfect practice, the perfect relationship, we are going to look in a different direction towards our relationship with ourselves.

We are going to practice learning how to meet life as it is, messiness and all. This will be the foundation of how we build resilience in the midst of trying times. We are simply learning how to be with what is, with a sense of compassion and grace.

Your practice is deeply personal and specific to you. While we may provide guidance or instruction, you are your greatest source of wisdom and power. We invite you to allow your practice to be a place of safe exploration and learning.

What To Expect

The Mindfulness and Resilience Training is a closed group for 6 weeks. You will be sent a link with the course material in your own online portal!

Each week participants will meet on Monday from 5:30-7pm for a virtual group meeting with Dr. Michele Lob PsyD, CEDS, LMFT and Nora Josephson LPC, RYT, AMFT. These meetings will include check in, support in application of mindfulness and live meditative practices.

In between virtual group meetings, participants will dive into the online curriculum. The lessons are multi-media in nature, including video, audio, and text.

We recommend that you intentionally create the space and time to take in all of the material. It can take time to read all of the lessons, practice the meditations, do homework, and integrate all of the material. We don’t want the commitment to be burdensome; rather this is your opportunity to practice sustainable mindfulness practices. This course is an opportunity for learning, rejuvenation, and support.

We are excited for you to join in these magical weeks of expansion, connection and growth. Here’s to stepping forward with wisdom, clarity and intention!

Course Detail and Pricing

  • Dates: To Be Determined
  • Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
  • Location: Virtual
  • Price: $75 per session x 6 weeks ($450). Non-refundable once the course begins.
  • Course Notes: A minimum of 2 participants will be required for the course to begin. Start date may be delayed if minimum participation is not met. There is a maximum of 12 participants.
  • Participant Requirements: For Ages 18+
  • This is not considered a therapy or clinical service.