Marital Issues

Marital relationships can be challenging for the most part. Dealing with money, sex and family issues is daunting for most. Some couples experience high levels of conflict. They bring up the past constantly, open old ‘wounds’ and guilt, shame, anger, blame, criticism and hostility is created. The relationship is dominated by out-of-control emotions. Couples who are emotionally reactive usually want to move away from these cycles of painful escalation. They ache for intimacy, communication, and finding joy in their relationship. Instead they feel isolated and lonely.

How can DBT help?

  • Interpersonal skills encourage asking for what you want in an assertive, mindful way. You will learn skills to express your needs, thoughts, and concerns – as well as develop effective problem-solving skills
  • Learn to set personal limits on acceptable and unacceptable behavior
  • Develop mindful responses to your emotional reactions
  • Shift from emotional dysregulation to increased regulation and effective communication ;
  • Increase your own emotional self-regulation and distress tolerance by learning validation and non-judgmental strategies