Is Your Child a Super Sensor?

A Super Sensor is a child who experiences feelings and their environment more intensely than others. They get upset easily, have strong feelings, and when upset or excited, can take a long time to calm down. They can also feel positive emotions strongly, can read other’s emotions, are often creative, and can be very caring with others. 

Other traits that your Super Sensor child may have are the following: 

  • They look for ways to avoid effort.
  • They are hyper-reactive and may exhibit anxiety attacks, physical or verbal outbursts, suicidality, and self-harm. 
  • They may have a hard time transitioning and/or adapting to change
  • They are easily bored. 
  • They have very low tolerance for delayed gratification.
  • They have a hard time focusing
  • They often have sensory sensitivity
  • They engage in a rigid thinking style
  • They have difficulty and/or avoidance of personal hygiene
  • They have interpersonal difficulties with peers, friends, and family.

DBT-C is an evidence-based treatment for 6-12 year olds who struggle with regulating their emotions and behaviors. If your child has some of these traits and if parenting has been challenging, DBT-C may be a good fit for you. Please reach out to one of our patient services representatives at 949-480-7767 to set up a free phone consultation with Nicole Messuri, LMFT, BCBA. 

Written by Nicole Messuri, LMFT, BCBA

Photo Credit: Xavier Mouton on Unsplash

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