Summer Adolescent Bootcamp

Welcome to Our Summer Adolescent Bootcamp


Our Summer Adolescent Bootcamp is a 4-Week Program to meet the needs of adolescents (Ages 13-17) that wish to learn healthier ways of coping and managing their emotions but struggle to be able to do this during the school year. This accelerated program will give them the opportunity to learn DBT Skills along with a mindfulness practice.

The DBT model used is based on the evidenced-based curriculum of Dr. Alec Miller and Jill Rathus that combines Dr. Marsha Linehan’s skills training manual specifically tailored to address the needs of adolescents. Incorporating an additional module of Walking the Middle Path, adolescents will be introduced to concepts of Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. The curriculum is educative, fun and interactive. An initial assessment is required.

The program will begin on July 8th and run through August 1st, Monday through Thursday from 1pm until 4pm for a total of 16 sessions. They will receive two hours of skills training each day followed by Mindful Yoga, Mindful Art Therapy or Mindful Music Therapy. Let us help you take your next steps.

To schedule an appointment or arrange for an individual assessment, please call us at 949-480-7767.