Advanced DBT Skills Group

Our DBT Graduate Skills Group is designed for those patients who have completed Skills Training Group and are no longer exhibiting Life Threatening (Stage 1 Target) Behaviors. The Advanced curriculum is built to primarily address mood and quality of life issues. The focus of this group is to provide ongoing support while simultaneously using the skills to create enough meaning in day to day life that a patient is able to eventually successfully transition out of therapy and Build a Life Worth Living.

A challenge of the later stages of DBT treatment is to help patients be able to determine their own needs and act in an effective manner (Linehan, 1993a), as well as learn to trust themselves. Patients are encouraged to define a target goal they would like to achieve. The treatment and commitment agreements focus on using group as a support and reinforcement toward working on this goal.

The object of this group is to offer confidential and supportive space in which to continue the study, practice and development of DBT skills such as mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness. The group does this through discussion, sharing, mindfulness practice, and homework. This group meets weekly for 90 minutes and offers a 16-week curriculum. Patient’s eligibility for group is based on their primary therapist’s recommendation.