Celebrate All Types of Love this Valentine’s Day

We can become overwhelmed with all of the pink, red and chocolate in grocery stores, pharmacies, and anywhere else we go during February. This can be annoying! Maybe you aren’t getting along with your partner, you are going through a break-up, currently single or just not focusing on a relationship at present. In these moments, I like to reframe Valentine’s Day to celebrate All Types of Love!

Love is so much more than ‘one’ relationship! We have friendship, family love (sibling love, parent love, daughter/son/grandkid love, deep friendships with cousins, etc!), radical self-love, pet love (and I’m sure many others!) as well as romantic relationships!

We can celebrate and honor these types of love on Valentine’s Day and any other Day! Here are some ideas:


  • Send friends a Valentine! (via text, email or snail mail!)
  • Tell your friends you appreciate them in your life!
  • Shower a friend with flowers,chocolate or with some other treasure!

Family Love:

  • Send your grandparent flowers or call them – they would absolutely cherish this!
  • Tell your siblings that you love them!
  • Go to a nice lunch with your parent or child.
  • Text your cousin, who you haven’t seen in forever and say that you miss them!

Radical Self-Love: (The best one to celebrate!)

  • Remember how amazing you are – your mind, your body that moves, your heart!
  • Fill up your own cup – self-care in the way that serves you!
  • Take a luxurious bubble bath
  • Light some candles & meditate
  • Treat yourself to a massage or facial – maybe both!
  • Buy yourself flowers and chocolate or some other treat
  • Watch your favorite movie snuggled up in a blanket on the couch and let yourself relax!
  • Take yourself out on a date – to a museum or movie and enjoy being able to make all your own decisions  – restaurant, food choice, etc. (popcorn AND candy – why not?!)

Pet Love: (But don’t we do this every day?)

  • Give your pet a Valentine!
  • Snuggle them with hugs and kisses <3
  • Take them for an adventure! (Their favorite hike or walk and enjoy the scenery!)
  • Take them to PetCo or PetSmart and buy them a treat!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your day – you deserve it!

Written by, Nora Josephson LPC AMFT

Photo Credit: @AmyShamblen on Unsplash

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