Accumulating Positives in the Short Term

This month we are highlighting an important Emotion Regulation skill called Accumulating Positives in the short term. I often view this skill as filling up, or making deposits into our emotional savings account. If we are doing things that create positive emotional experiences on a daily basis, it serves as a buffer to psychological distress when we have to navigate the tougher moments that life will inevitably throw our way. I think it is a common thought that we need to “earn” these moments, and when we don’t feel like we are meeting that bar we neglect our self care, which is not effective in helping us reach our “Life Worth Living” goals. The goal is to do at least one pleasant event a day and it can be as simple as mindfully enjoying your morning cup of coffee, watching your favorite show or doing a skincare routine at night. Pleasant events can also include planning or taking trips, visiting the beach or taking a dance class (my personal favorite).

There are a few things to keep in mind when Accumulating Positives in the short term which include:

  1. Be intentional with planning pleasant events , try to do at least one a day
  2. Practice Opposite Action if needed if you notice you are avoiding
  3. Be mindfully present during the activity, refocus your attention gently if your mind wonders
  4. Fully participate without judgment


Written by: Dr Krystal Lopez

Image by: Jackson David on Unsplash

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