Why Us

DBT Center of Orange County provides evidence-based treatment in a warm and tranquil space, minutes from the John Wayne Airport, off the 405, 55, and 73 Freeways. We are more than a practice; we are a community. We offer a strong fidelity to the comprehensive DBT model and are one of a few programs in Orange County to do this. Our clinical team is intensively and foundationally trained in DBT through Behavioral Tech LLC, founded by Dr. Marsha Linehan, and uses scientifically valid treatments to obtain the best possible outcomes in working with patients. Our clinical team is passionate about helping patients gain control over their lives and works to help them reduce negative moods and maladaptive behaviors by teaching strategies to effectively manage stress and build a Life Worth Living!

Our DBT treatment is highly individualized and patients can participate in individual sessions, Adolescent Multi-Family Group, 20-week skills training groups, or our 8 week Adult Intensive Outpatient Program that offers a more accelerated path to learning the skills.

What is Evidenced-Based Treatment?
Evidence-based treatment (EBT) refers to treatment that is supported by scientific evidence. This means that there is substantive research demonstrating its superiority for treatment of a particular problem. As a consumer navigating through numerous therapy options, information about research demonstrating the effectiveness of a particular therapy is invaluable. The objective of EBT is to encourage the use of safe and effective treatments that are likely to achieve results and lessen the use of unproven treatments.